Burnishing the impact and outreach processes within a startup organization requires the participation and support of many individuals, community organizations, and corporations.

Merkabah International Foundation, a Florida corporation, will need community support to achieve and maintain the following milestones:

  1. Curriculum Development & Distribution.  We will need support for piloting and marketing Merkabah curriculum internationally so that it can be delivered to underserved populations.
  2. Professional Development & Evaluation. Once curriculum development concludes its first phase, we will be recruiting subject experts and teachers and tutors who have demonstrated impact on education in their respective communities, and who are eager establish direct on-the -ground working alliances with Haitian teachers to deliver Merkabah  curriculum to Pre-K to 2nd grade students. Any resources and in-kind support for evaluation processes will help us quantify results effectively and take action to improve our outcomes and impact.
  3. Annual Curriculum and Community Engagement Events. We excitedly anticipate being able to host at at least one engagement event each year to build relationships with new students, teachers, parents, and community leaders.