Ayiti Outreach a Success

June 2016. Merkabah hosted its first annual curriculum engagement event in Delma, Haiti with about 50 members of Ayiti’s youth and supporting parents. Much of the engagement activities were covered in a local TV interview by Radio Tele Ginen. Read below for the the conversation we started in the Haitian community.

Kompe Filo( TV Host)- “Do you think that one day if we teach these children about renewable energy and technology that they will be equipped to change our systems? Do you think we as a country can develop ourselves one day?”
Chrissybil- “I know we can. I know it. In 2015 I moved to Haiti to work with children. To help develop a school system that is viable for Haiti, I knew it would be important for me to understand the reality of daily life. After three months of teaching Haitian children I was amazed to see their transformation. The children have great vision and huge dreams… There are systems that aren’t working for us. This inspired me to ask myself how I can be a part of positive change. I decided to learn more about the systems in place that perpetuate poverty. I started to learn more about the economy and how global systems are struggling to meet basic needs. I learned that there are over 2 billion children alive today but over 1 billion do not have access to clean water, quality food or schooling. That means that in 2016 we can make airplanes, go to the moon and mars but on our planet over 50 % of our children are currently living in poverty. This suggests that our problem is not limited to our government, our country or our culture. It is systematic and is occurring around the world. It is very important that we understand the power structure of the many systems in place. This allows us to understand why so many human beings are not living well. If the children are not living well what future can we have without them?”

Art/Mindfulness ( and of course fun!) is part of our double pillar educational approach which boosts creativity and encourages well-being.

We excitedly anticipate hosting a curriculum and community engagement event annually to foster lasting alliances and partnerships for education transformation. View  below some of the awesome moments from our first event!

Also take this opportunity to get an up-close look at the children’s art pieces  in our art gallery: https://www.eastonartgalleries.com/index.php?/profile/merkabah.foundation

We have plans to auction their artwork at our next annual event and proceeds will be set aside for  future engagement events, and extracurricular programming for students immersed in the Merkabah Method.